Then Comes Silence

Then Comes Silence

Booking contact: STEFAN HATTINGER (World without europe), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Europe)


Alex, Seth, Jens & Jonas





Pretty much what four musicians can do with guitars making horror music.

A fascination of death, doom, spiritualism and corruption has gathered the members of THEN COMES SILENCE, together with a predisposition towards noiserock, goth, shoegaze and psychedelia. The band brings darkness and romantic death via music and sounds, performed on guitars at deafening volume. Cathartic, distorted and effect-laden.
This fall will see the release of their self-titled debut and the unleash of dark forces. 
As humans, we have been carrying the culture of fear and horror since ancient times. In folklore and stories. A trip through desolated grounds or a night in the woods can easily bring those ancient premonitions back to life. Our comfortable modern lifestyle makes us isolated and afraid of death. It makes us avoid the things that remind us of it. A fear of the unknown. What we cannot see nor understand.

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