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Guenther started with rtn in 2005 after working as a concert and festival promoter in Austria. Soon he managed to establish festival tours and open airs all over Europe. As rtn-touring's director Guenther was involved with the development of the Metalfest Open Air festival series and other popular festival tour brands such as Paganfest, Full Of Hate or Thrashfest from the beginning.
Besides beeing a festival and tour promoter, Guenther has been working as an agent representing numerous of acts. He thinks that the individual treatment of each artist is a key. " Every artist has specific strengths and needs. As an agent you need to recognise those and care for them. It's important to develop booking strategies for each artist individually."
Nowadays, Guenther is exclusively focusing on booking highly selected acts. There lies one of the secrets to success: "It's simple. If you represent 50 artists, you only have a few hours a week for each act. If you represent only 5 artists, you have ten times more time for each of them. This way you can give them and their work your full attention and will obviously do a much better job," he says.